This website contains family history information for Thomas James Phillips, Irene Gladys McDonald and any of their relatives who lived in Australia.

Tom & Sis Phillips 1951
Tom & Sis Phillips 1951


The major family names are Phillips, McDonald, O'Loughlin and Steer. The major locations are in Victoria, Australia, in the towns of Shepparton, Bacchus Marsh, Swan Hill, Nyah and the area between Geelong and Ballarat.


The focus of my research is on the first arrivals in Australia and any of their descendants, though some earlier information is also available on these pages. In the two pedigree charts below, the first arrivals are the people on the right of the charts and they emigrated from Ireland, England and Scotland.
Pedigree chart for Tom Phillips
James Phillips
(1825 - 1866)
John Phillips
(1863 - 1925)
Bridget McMahon
(1835 - 1903)
Michael O'Loughlin
(1826 - 1890)
Ellen O'Loughlin
(1869 - 1951)
Margaret Lee
(1834 - 1873)
Pedigree chart for Irene McDonald
Archibald McDonald
(c 1833 - 1890)
John Campbell
(1808 - 1852)
Catherine MacCallum
(1811 - 1885)
Edward Steer
(1819 - 1898)
Philip Steer
(1855 - 1937)
Ann Dutnall
(1827 - 1864)
Euphemia Forrest
(1859 - 1914)
Many people on these pages are still living, but for privacy considerations, no birth information is given. This is a work in progress and comments are welcome. You can contact me via the disguised email address below.