b. 2 May 1963, d. 4 May 1963
FatherDonald Phillips
MotherMarion Gordon Plant b. 25 Nov 1938, d. 19 Mar 2012

Birth, Death, Marriage

Allison Mary Phillips was born on 2 May 1963.1 
She died on 4 May 1963.1 
ChartsCampbell, John, descendant chart
McDonald, Archibald, descendant chart
O'Loughlin, Michael, descendant chart
Phillips, James, descendant chart
Steer, Edward, descendant chart


Allison lived just two days. Marion was so sick, she was unable to attend the funeral. At the conclusion of the service at St Brendan's, the tiny coffin was carried by her uncle, Laurie Phillips.1,2


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