House of Phillips

Tom Phillips and family in the Hotel Australia, Shepparton, 1944-1979

Hotel Australia, Shepparton c. 1950

While researching the family history of my grandfather and his family, I inevitably came across information that could also tell a story of the Hotel Australia, at least during the time it was operated by the Phillips family. This is my version of that story.

Much of the information presented here is from reliable public and personal documents. Some is from photos, local history, and personal communication from those who were there at the time. And some is just stories the likes of which you'd hear from a bloke in a pub.

While writing this story, I've learned a lot about beer and pubs, especially the pub I so often visited as a child. I've also learned a lot about my Phillips family, particularly my grandfather. But I'm sure I've only scratched the surface.

If you would like to offer praise, criticism or additional information, I can be contacted via the disguised email address at the foot of most of these pages.

My sincere thanks to all those who have provided information. While it would take too long to name every contributor, I particularly want to acknowledge my uncles Jack, Don and Brian, aunties Madge and Rene, and cousins Trevor and Lesley. Unfortunately my grandparents, Tom and Sis, and my uncle Reg, all died before I decided to start recording the family history.

Finally, I want to thank my father, Laurie Phillips. Without his information, stories and insatiable appetite for anything relating to the family or the pub, this story might never have been written.

I hope you find something of interest.

Peter Phillips
October 2015