b. 24 July 1934, d. 12 October 2010
FatherJohn Marion Phillips b. 2 Feb 1900, d. 21 Sep 1979
MotherRuby Irene Williams b. 7 Nov 1904, d. 22 Jul 1966

Birth, Death, Marriage

Joy Collette Phillips was born on 24 July 1934 in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria.1,2 
She married Julian Prouse on 15 September 1965 in Xavier Chapel, Kew, Victoria.2 
She died on 12 October 2010 at age 76. 


Julian Prouse
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Joy grew up in Bacchus Marsh. Like her older sister Roylyn, she attended primary school in Bacchus Marsh and secondary school in Ballarat. Joy was a nurse before she married Julian Prouse. The couple lived in Melbourne where they raised a family of five boys and one girl. When she died in 2010, Joy had five grandchildren.
Born in Bacchus Marsh, sisters Roylyn and Joy grew up there and spent almost the first thirty years of their lives there.3,4
They went to primary school in Bacchus Marsh.
In Bacchus Marsh, anyone who went to the war had a plaque made with their name on it fastened to a tree in the Avenue of Honour. Roylyn and Joy used to ride their bikes down to see the plaque dedicated to their uncle, Thomas James Phillips.3
Despite their father being one of ten children, the girls had only a few cousins around Bacchus Marsh, though they often met with others from further afield. They also played with the Hardys, including writer Thomas Hardy, and television and radio personality, Mary Hardy.3
Back: Pat Simmons (headless), Roylyn Phillips, Rene Phillips, Maureen O'Loughlin; Middle: Joy Phillips, Marg Simmons; front: Bill Simmons, c. 1940
Image: Roylyn Phillips
Roylyn Phillips, Terry Redden, Joy Phillips, John Redden
Image: Roylyn Phillips
Back: John Redden, Bev Phillips, Terry Redden; front: Joy Phillips, Pat Redden, Roylyn Phillips
Image: Roylyn Phillips
For secondary school, both Roylyn and Joy attended Loreto Abbey Mary's Mount in Ballarat. This was a Catholic boarding school. Occasionally when boys visited (brothers, cousins, etc.) there were lots of girls looking out windows to catch a glimpse of the opposite sex. For an outing with a boy, the girls were required to wear a hat and gloves, and were accompanied by a nun.5
In the 1950s, Roylyn and Joy Phillips once stayed with their father's cousin, Tom Guerin and his family in South Australia. Tom's land was purchased by the South Australian government to become the new city of Elizabeth. The family did very well from the sale; when Roylyn & Joy visited, the family had something called a freezer!3,6
While in Bacchus Marsh, Joy became a nurse.4
Joy Phillips and Julian Prouse married in Xavier chapel in Kew.2
Julian & Joy (Phillips) Prouse
Image: Roylyn Phillips
Jack Phillips, Joy Prouse (Phillips), Ruby Phillips (Williams) 1965
The couple lived in Melbourne and had six children; two were born at Mercy hospital in East Melbourne and four at St Vincents Private in Fitzroy.2
In later years, Joy became interested in family history, enthusiastically tracing her mother's convict ancestry.3,7
In late 2010, following heart surgery, Joy contracted a disease that took her life. Julian was being treated in the same hospital, St Vincents in Melbourne, at the same time. At the time of her death, Joy left five grandchildren.8,9


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