b. 6 October 1908, d. 4 May 1981
Danny Phillips
FatherJohn Phillips b. 25 Jul 1863, d. 6 Aug 1925
MotherEllen O'Loughlin b. 26 Mar 1869, d. 24 Jun 1951

Birth, Death, Marriage

Daniel Phillips was born on 6 October 1908 in Maddingley, Victoria.1 
He married Kathleen Maude Keane in 1939 in Tatura, Victoria.2,3 
He died on 4 May 1981 in Shepparton, Victoria, at age 72. 


Kathleen Maude Keane
ChartsO'Loughlin, Michael, descendant chart
Phillips, James, descendant chart


Danny was born and grew up in Bacchus Marsh. As a teenager, he moved to Shepparton where he worked as a hairdresser and learnt the art of SP bookmaking from his brothers, Tom and Jack. He moved to Tatura where he continued both enterprises. Just after marrying Kathleen 'Bub' Keane, he went off to serve in WW2. He and Bub lived in Tatura. They had no children.
Danny was the ninth of ten children of John and Ellen Phillips and the youngest son. He grew up in Bacchus Marsh and went to the local St Bernard's school.4
Memories of George Vallence (brother of Soapie): Danny Phillips was a great mate of mine at school. We'd walk the girls down the paddock behind the Church of England. Sister Remedios saw us with our arms around them and gave us a thrashing the next morning. She was a great one with the bloody belt. She brought the blood from Danny's legs. I thought I'd go second thinking that she'd be puffed out by the time she'd finished with Danny, but I think she had a second wind.

Everybody seemed to know each other in Bacchus Marsh. We used to play football together and put in a lot of time down at Flanagan's billiard room round the corner from the park. We'd play fifty-up with Harry Woolers, Curly Cowan and Soapie and all the Phillips boys.

My mother would never let strong drink into the house. When Dan and the boys used to come over playing cards, they'd bring two or three bottles of beer and hide them under the Cyprus hedge outside until mum had gone to bed. They had to take the empties home with them.
By 1923, the teenage Danny was in the hairdressers at the front of the billiard saloon in Shepparton run by his brothers Tom and Jack. No doubt Danny learned a thing or two about the art of being an SP bookie during his time there, as he was a hairdresser and SP bookie for the rest of his life.6,7,8,9
By the mid-1930s, he was in the hairdresser adjoining the Shepparton Hotel in Wyndham St. He lived just up the road at 221 Wyndham St.10,11,12
In 1937, he set up in Tatura where he remained as a hairdresser for the rest of his life.13
It has been noted that the Phillips boys dressed well. These two photos of Danny were taken at the same time in Bacchus Marsh, possibly around the time of Eileen's 1935 marriage, for which Danny was part of the bridal party.7
Danny Phillips, Millbank St, Bacchus Marsh
Mary, Dan & Eileen at Millbank St.
In 1939, Danny Phillips and Kathleen 'Bub' Keane were married. Not long after, Danny went to serve in the Second World War. The couple remained in Tatura, though they moved several times; from Hogan St, to Thompson St, to Alexander Ave, then to Gowrie St. They had no children.3,13,14,15,16
This is the only photo we have showing both Danny and Bub.
Mary Vallence (Phillips), Tom Redden, Eileen Redden (Phillips), Bub Phillips, Ellen Phillips (O'Loughlin), John Redden, Danny Phillips (seated), 16 Millbank St, Bacchus Marsh c. 1937
His brother Tom was just 18 when he signed up for the First World War, and Danny was in his 30s when he enlisted for the Second World War. His service number was VX74516. As next of kin, he gave his new bride Kathleen.17
Daniel Phillips
Image: Roylyn Phillips
Hairdressers have higher risk of lung disease than the general population. Danny died in May 1981 of bronchopneumonia following five years of chronic obstructive airways disease; he may also have had lung cancer. He died in Shepparton, but was living in Tatura at the time, and is buried at the Tatura cemetery. Danny was 72 years old.

This photo is the last we have of Danny.18,2
Eileen Redden (Phillips) & Danny Phillips, Hotel Australia, Shepparton


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